From 6 November - 8 November 2020


Protected Peleton

  • Riders will enjoy a protected peloton riding experience, optimising rider safety with professionally trained Think Bike moto outriders.


  • Over the three days we will have competitions for both King of the Mountains and Points jerseys where the first 5 male and female riders earn points. Jerseys will be awarded at the end of each day.


  • During the ride we will have motorbike outriders, plus vehicles supporting and protecting the riders. Mechanical support will be available throughout the rides for any punctures and other mechanical failures. Tubes or any parts for your own account.


  • Water and food points will be positioned at suitable points along the rides for you to stock up on carbs and liquids, our partner PowerBar will provide their products plus we will have some healthy locally sourced food.

Start Venue

  • The start venue is the historic Mimosa Lodge, Church St, Montagu.

Ride Captains

  • A number of ride Captains within the Peloton will be there to help set the pace, ride at the front if necessary and pull anyone who has dropped back into the group.


  • A dedicated ambulance with qualified paramedics will follow the tour for the duration of the event in case any medical attention is required.


  • Masseuses will be available to help with any niggles and/or tired legs at the end of the days ride.