Franci J – 2022

As I said many times during the event, everyone is awesome! The organising team, the captains and their support making sure everyone enjoys the ride, the very brave motorbikes, and so many other “givers” from food to accommodation etc. and of course the...

Janu B – 2022

For my very first event this definitely set the benchmark! I had an amazing time; great banter and meeting people. I’m definitely in next year.

Greg J – 2022

I have been to many similar events and this year’s event was excellent. The best that I have been to. Thank you to you and your team for a truly memorable weekend of riding and companionship. This is why we ride.

Kateryna T – 2022

I’m so glad I did it this year! It’s such a beautiful event, in every little detail it feels you took care of everything for us to feel happy and loved 🥰I can only only say only good things. Please keep going, I will be back next year if I can!

Don P – 2022

Thanks to everyone for three days of excellent company and good times on the bike and off. Special thanks to Tony, Hazel and all the support crew for a slickly organised event, delivered with warmth and heart. 💛

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